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Wedding Planner Mystery 2014
6.8 of 16

Wedding Planner Mystery

HD 6.10 90 min
Seattle-based Carnegie Kincaid owns and operates her own wedding planning company in partnership with Eddie Breen, who has been like a father to her ever since her own father passed away. Despite being single and not having had much romance in her life, Carnegie truly does believe in fairy-tale love, and as such does whatever she can to ensure her clients get the weddings they want. That is why her latest clients, the wealthy Parry family, now treat her like one of their own. For the Parrys, Carnegie is planning two weddings separated by two weeks, for cousins Diane Parry then Nicky Parry. These two weddings are what is keeping Carnegie and Eddie's company in the black. One issue overshadowing the proceedings is that Nicky's father, Doug Parry, is going through a tax evasion scandal, which has placed a legal and emotional barrier between him and his former business partner, Keith Gutherbridge. However, Nicky still wants Keith at her wedding, he who she sees like family, and visa versa. Carnegie is used to dealing with unwanted paparazzi, but she is unused to investigative reporters who are looking for the latest dirt on the tax scandal. Streetwise Aaron Gold, one of those reporters, is the one who places the greatest proverbial thorn in Carnegie's side. The tone of the weddings change and Carnegie's livelihood as a result is in jeopardy when an accident occurs during Diane's wedding with Nicky's car, her cousin Michelle driving alone. The police get involved, with Carnegie possibly liable in the accident. However, Carnegie believes that Nicky's car was tampered with and that the accident was meant to kill Nicky. Because her livelihood and life are on the line, Carnegie decides to investigate with the help of her best friend Lily, a librarian. In the process, Carnegie believes that whoever may have tampered with Nicky's car is now out to kill her possibly for knowing the truth. Also brought into the fold out of necessity is Aaron, who is still looking for that major story. Through it all, Carnegie may find some love of her own as she is romanced by the Parry family's new lawyer, Holt Walker. If Carnegie is able to survive the threat on her life, she may change her view of what true love really is.


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